Night Tour Hong Kong – World Cup 2018 Is Here!

What has a night tour of Singapore to do with the World Cup 2018 in Russia? Well, Singapore might not be in the World Cup 2018 but we have a great “warm up” with our night tour of Singapore to get ready for the matches! Because of the time difference, games start after 6 PM.


As the Fifa World cup is on full course, what a great coincidence that our Singapore city tour ends at a bar that shows all matches?! Come with us to explore the Civic District on foot. Cruise down the river on a bumboat through to present day. Soak in the sunset view of Marina Bay. Enjoy dinner in a Hawker Centre in Chinatown and a Singapore Sling at The Screening Room and watch the exciting matches.

Enjoy your cocktail here watching the football

Our private night tours can run any day of the week. If you decide to come on a public night tour, we will be happy to take you with us on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.

And of course, to give you a head start and to check out what teams are playing, we have the groups for 2018 below.

Check with your private tour guide in Singapore how to get to the screening room or any bar of your choice. They will also be happy to tell you which game is on at what time in Singapore.

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Sources: businessinsider.comFIFA
Visit Sentosa Island on a Singapore excursion

Tours In Singapore With Tour Guide – Sentosa Island

All eyes on Singapore! The “Little Red Dot” never had so much attention from the world as it has now! Reason enough for us to introduce you to Sentosa Island.

A man-made 500-hectare island, Santosa is home to an exciting array of attractions, spa retreats, rainforests, beautiful sandy beaches, resort accommodations, world-renowned golf courses, a yachting marina and luxurious residences – making it a vibrant island resort anybody on a Singapore layover tour.

Sentosa trip on a Singapore local tour

The name “Sentosa” in Malay means “peace and tranquillity” and is derived from the Sanskrit santosha, meaning “contentment and satisfaction”. In the 19th century, Sentosa was known as “Pulau Panjang”.

Located in the south, there are many ways that can get you to Sentosa from a busy city tour of Singapore. One of the most picturesque ways is to take a 12 minutes cable car ride from Vivocity.  Not only has this island soft, sandy beaches to chill and relax but also offers many attractions for a full day’s visit. Check out the SEA Aquarium or how about a roller coaster ride at Universal Studios theme park?

If you have some extra time after your Singapore guided tour, you should definitely check out some of the things you can do on the Sentosa pager here!

Take the train to Sentosa on a Singapore excursion!

sources:,, TripAdvisor

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Food Tour In Singapore – Google On The Search For Best Food To Try In Singapore

When you are in Singapore, one of the must-do things is go on a Singapore street food tour! Lucky for us, that’s what the team of Google thought too! So, our Singapore tour guide Daryl took the team on a culinary discovery of Singapore.

Come with us on Singapore food tour

Daryl took them on a Singapore excursion through East Coast Road first having a nice Kaya toast breakfast. You can’t explore the multi-cultural history of this beautiful place on an empty stomach, can you?
Next on the list was one of the iconic places of Singapore to take a cool picture like this one:

Take a cool picture on your private tour of Singapore

So when you are on a Singapore stopover tour, visit the area around Arab Street and make sure to look around the corner and check out all the small and pretty lanes.

One of the things not to miss out is Masala Milk! This delicious beverage can be found in Little India and when you are on Singapore food tour with us, we will take you to the best place to try it out! Book your spot today!

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Laura demonstrating how to book tours from Singapore airport

Best Tours In Singapore – Guess who?

When Hello Singapore Tours went live in July 2017, our dream was to provide some fun and interesting Singapore day tours from airport to our guests. We were hoping to contribute to some great memories of their time in Singapore.

We started creating Singapore guided tours about things that make this place so special. Our portfolio includes public and private food tours in Singapore, customised walking and car tours and, of course, our latest addition the night tour of Singapore.

walking tours in Singapore

Little did we know that not even one year later, we would be featured in one of Singapore’s Visitor Centres!

*drum roll* Hello Singapore Tours can be found as a tour provider at Orchardgateway @emerald in Orchard Road!

Visit the Singapore Visitor Centre to book your tours with us

So, when you walk into the Visitor Centre in Orchard Road on a Singapore tour from airport, not only can you book hotels, use the free WiFi, buy connectivity solutions like EZ link card or SIM card; you can also book your tours in Singapore with tour guide!

Book you tours with Hello Singapore Tours at the Visitor Centre in Orchard Road

So, if you walk into the Singapore Visitor Centre in Orchard Road, you can easily book your Singapore excursions with us!

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Fun times in Singapore with this girl

Singapore Tour Guide – Spotlight on Janice

Welcome to our fourth episode of “Meet your personal tour guide Singapore“! This is blog number 4 of our series to introduce you to your private tour guide in Singapore.

When you have Janice on your Singapore day tours from airport, you definitely are in good hands with this ever-happy person!

Book your night tour of Singapore now!

If you book a private customised tour with her, she will be able to tell you all the insider information on your  tour in Singapore!

Born Singaporean-Chinese and growing up in a multi-cultural environment, this world traveller is in the travel industry for the past 13 years and has the one or the other story to tell.

Book your private tour of Singapore from airport

Let’s see what Janice had to say in our short interview:

** What is your favourite Singlish word?

–> Alamak! Its the Singaporean exclamation of surprise, like “OMG!” made popular by a local comedian

**What is your favourite makan (food) place?

–>I’m gonna be greedy here:

– Tapioca cakes from Maxwell Hawker

– Janggut Laksa at Katong (Try it on our food tour!)
– Lor mee from Tiong Bahru market
**I’m sure our readers will agree, they all sound delicious! 🍽🥣

**Do you have a favourite place in Singapore?

–> I love the National Gallery! Not because I am a fan of the arts but because the 2 buildings (City Hall and Supreme Court) are a place that is rich in the modern history of Singapore and the architect did such a good job preserving and linking the two buildings together.

** Tell us the funniest thing that happened to you during a tour.

–> Probably, not the funniest but it was memorable and made a joke out of it and it was good fun. We took the train with the guests, a couple from the USA. The door of the train was closing, the husband rushed into the train, the door closed after him, leaving me and the wife behind. Both husband and wife did not have mobile phones with them. We used sign language to communicate with the husband to stop at the next stop (good thing he understood! 😃). At the next stop, we found each other and the couple joked that the husband purposely walked quickly in hope to spend a day on his own without the wife.

** He should have planned it a bit more careful probably… 😂

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Buy yourself a durian souvenir after your singapore excursion

Best Food To Try In Singapore – The King Of Fruits

Travelling in Southeast Asia you will definitely have come across a very distinctive smell and appearance of a thorny green fruit. We are talking about Durian! This fruit has a rather curious appearance, accompanied by a very strong smell. On a Singapore tour from Changi you might have wondered what this funny looking and smelling thing might be.

Dare to try this on a private food tour in singapore?

A durian has a very sharp thorns and grown on trees. A word of warning here: it can be fatal if a durian falls on your head! The distinct smell is a sign that the durian is ripe and ready to be eaten. This fruit comes in a large variety of shapes and size. If you are on walking tours of Singapore the most popular you will see is called “Mountain Cat King” – according to locals “the best grade there is”. Singaporeans do not only eat the fruit plain as it is – no sir! There is a mild obsession across the country to find the best durian cake, durian puff, durian pastry and even durian ice cream!!! Chances are that you have seen one of these options on a food tour in Singapore! However, despite this deep-rooted love for durian smell can be very unpleasant especially in a country with a tropical climate like our little red dot! So, officials came up with a rule that everybody can enjoy and indulge their durian but please do not bring it on the bus or any other public transport, else you will get fined!

Check out this sign on the MRT on your next private tour in Singapore

This sign is on a public bus in Singapore. When you take the bus on your Singapore tour from airport, count how many times you will see the “No durians” sign in public transports.

The taste of a durian is always described as “stinks like hell, tastes like heaven”. The consistency is more like a custard with a smooth texture. Next time when you on a Singapore street food tour, ask your private guide in Singapore to find you the best place to try durian!

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Have fun on your Singapore cruise tour

Singapore Excursions – Hello Singapore Private Tours

Since we kicked off our tours in Singapore, we had some pretty fun Singapore excursions. Recently, we had one of these with no other than Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill! We took Bob and his group on a Singapore city tour.

You, too, can book your singapore day tours from Changi

Here we can see Bob, Nancy and Nelson with Daryl, their private tour guide in Singapore.

We as Hello Singapore Tours always make sure your tours from Singapore airport are unique. We customise your Singapore guided tours according to your interests to make it worth your while.

For Bob and his group, we prepared something about culture, history and religion.

Your walking tours in Singapore tailored to your interests.

Bob wanted to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. This surely was a very interesting part to see the prayers.

On the way, we bumped into a group of young man that recognised him.

VIP Singapore tour from Airport

They were super happy to be able to take a picture with the founder of a leading name in health foods.

We also to show our guests the spiritual diversity of Singapore.

Customised Singapore stopover tour

So, we took the lovely group to St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

These are just some of the many places we took our visitors on a Singapore city tour from airport. If you want the best tours in Singapore, give us a shout and let us help you to experience Singapore’s many facets!

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private night tours in Singapore

Best Tours In Singapore – Launch of the Hello Singapore Night Tour

Since the launch of Hello Singapore Tours, we aim to always provide the most interesting and diverse tours in Singapore. After our private customised tours, food tours, car tours in Singapore and bespoke walking tours are up and running, it was time to add another tour to our portfolio. Drum-roll… Night tours with Hello Singapore Tours! This tour for Singapore is already very hot and in great demand. Let us introduce you to the latest addition to our Singapore guided tours:

We start our Singapore night tour in the Civic District where will we visit some of the historic colonial buildings and learn about the early pioneers who came to Singapore make a living.  We will then board a bumboat and take a 30-minute cruise down the river through to present day. We visit Merlion Park and soak in the sunset view of Marina Bay whilst learning about the mega construction project behind it.

Our journey through time progresses by bus to a residential district called Tanjong Pagar. We will discuss the political reform by The Founding Father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and discover how Singapore went from third world to first world in one generation. We will be accessing the roof of an award-winning Housing development Board (HDB) residential building from where we will get the most amazing birds-eye view of downtown Singapore.

night tour in Singapore with hawker centre tour

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Your tours in Singapore with tour guide Daryl

Singapore Tour Guide – Spotlight on Daryl

Welcome to our third episode of “Meet your personal tour guide Singapore“! This is the third blog of our series to introduce you to your private tour guide in Singapore.

If you book your Singapore tour from the airport, chances are your tour guide might be Daryl.

Daryl’s roots go back to the province of Canton. This history enthusiast has a sound knowledge of Singapore’s past. He is full of fun facts and fascinating information that will make you feel how much Daryl loves “his” Lion City. If you book a private customised tour, with him you are sure to be in for a treat and will definitely make the most of your tour in Singapore!

Let’s see what Daryl had to say in our short interview:

** What is your favourite Singlish word?

–> My favourite word/expression is “Shiok!” It has many different meanings. It can mean “very good”, “very tasty”, “comfortable” or “excellent.”

**What is your favourite makan (food) place?

–> There are plenty nice places. But my favourite is Old Airport Road Hawker Centre because it has so much variety and you can eat till you drop! 🙂

**Do you have a favourite place in Singapore?

–> There are so many that are really lovely! Like Gardens by the Bay / Marina Barrage / Satay by the Bay… I love all!

** Tell us the funniest thing that happened to you during a tour.

–> In the middle of a tour, a couple suddenly ask me where can they buy diapers for their baby! : ) I brought them to a mall in Chinatown. (We have a proof of that on our FB page here!)

** We definitely look forward to more of those funny incidents with you!

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Book your Singapore city tour from airport with Daryl

John and Janelle on a Singapore Food Tour at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

Singapore Guided Tours – Sir Stamford Raffles

The best tours in Singapore will all have one thing in common: They will talk about the founder of Singapore – Sir Stamford Raffles! Raffles was born on a boat and visited a boarding school. He started working for the British East India Company when he was 14 years of age. His time in Asia started in Penang working for the governor. Sir Raffles set out to find another base for the British in order to avoid the high taxes and rules set by the Dutch at that time. Singapore was a perfect choice! It was right in the middle of China and British India which was a very important opium trade route for the British. In 1823, Raffles drafted a series of administrative regulations for Singapore, which followed a fair and moralistic stance, outlawing gambling, imposing heavy taxation on what he considered social evils such as drunkenness and opium-smoking, and banned slavery. A specific regulation in the constitution called for the multiethnic population to remain as they were, and no crimes were entirely based on racial principles. On your Singapore city tour from the airport, you will definitely pass the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles. Ask your Singapore tour guide to tell you more details about Singapore’s exciting history!



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singapore flyer on a singapore day tour with private tour guides

Singapore Food Tasting – 5 Best Brunches In Singapore

So when you are in Singapore there is so much to discover. You can learn and see many things when you book your Singapore city tour. However, should you have some extra time after your Singapore Excursion, you might want to try one of these brunch places:

Wild Honey

This place offers all-day breakfast right in Orchard Road. You will find anything around eggs and breakfast options from English to Canadian to Norwegian. Wild Honey’s large range from savoury to sweet dishes gives you a choice no matter what your craving is on that day!

Opening hours: 9am8:30pm Last Order (Sun – Thurs), 9am9:30pm Last Order (Fri, Sat, Eve PH)


The White Rabbit

This restaurant is housed in the Ebenezer chapel and is not only a romantic go-to place but also something for the whole family. Their “Alice in Wonderland” (Say whaaaat? – I hear you say) inspired surroundings will make you feel in a different world. Their brunch ranges from waffles to pasta to potato rosti and anything your breakfast foodie heart desires.

OPENING HOURS: Tues – Fri 12–2:30pm (Set Lunch) 6:30–10:30pm Sat – Sun 10:30am–3pm (Brunch) 6:30–10:30pm Closed Mondays


The Populus Coffe & Food Co.

Not only coffee lovers should head here but also people who enjoy healthy buckwheat pancakes or streaked bacon on toasted croissants will find their favourite food.

Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm (Mon), 9am – 4pm (Tues), 9am – 1030pm (Wed), 9am – 1030pm (Thurs), 9am – 1030pm (Fri), 9:30am – 10:30pm (Sat), 9:30am – 7pm (Sun)


The Lokal

This Aussie-inspired place not only offers western food like cauliflower with cheese or delicious pasta but also the famous Singaporean Kaya Toast.

Opening Hours: Mon 8am-5pm; Tue-Fri 8am-10pm; Sat 9am-10pm; Sunday 9am-4pm



The concept here is “sharing is caring”. French cuisine and Australian dining culture give you a cozy dining and brunching experience. From Asparagus & Crab Salad to truffle fries to egges benedict, you will certainly find your special food here.

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 9pm (Mon), 10.30am – 11pm (Tue – Thurs), 10.30am – 12am (Fri), 9am – 12am (Sat), 9am – 7pm (Sun)


These are just some of the options for a different Singapore food tasting. Of course, there are so many more and your Singapore tour guide will be able not only to offer you food tour in Singapore but also give you more options on a Singapore stopover tour.

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Visit the Merlion on your Singapore day tour from the airport

Singapore City Tour – The Merlion

If you ever had a Singapore city tour from the airport, you will definitely have seen the Merlion.

But what is this half lion, half fish mascot actually? Your personal tour guide in Singapore will tell you the legend that long time ago a Malay Prince discovered this tiny sea town. When he arrived he saw a majestic creature which appeared to be a lion so he decided to name the island settlement Singapura which means ‘Lion City’. The Merlion, however, was created in the 1960s from the Singapore Tourism Board to symbolise the head of the lion creature that the prince saw and the body is a fish to symbolise Singapore’s humble beginnings as a fishing village. Ask your tour guide to include this iconic symbol in your walking tours in Singapore!

#travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #merlion #photooftheday #bbctravel #singapore #sg #iconic #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #condenast #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #hellosg #ilovesg #singaporetour #visitsingapore #cnntravel #walkingtour #visitsingapore #privatetour #customizedtour #personaltour #walkingtour #privateguide #personalguide #daytours

Su Ling will take you on a food tour of Singapore and delight your taste buds.

Singapore Tour Guide – Spotlight on Su Ling

Welcome to the second edition of “Meet your personal tour guide Singapore“! This is the second blog of our series to introduce you to your private tour guide in Singapore.

When we think “tours in Singapore with tour guide“, we always think of the tour first but not really about the tour guide that makes your day.

Today we want to introduce Su Ling. Born and raised in Singapore, she is a “true blue” Singaporean. She will be a great source to hear Singapore’s development from the personal experience point of view. Her friendly and fun personality will immediately make you feel her passion for guiding visitors. Whether you book a public or private food tour with us at “Hello Singapore” or a private customised tour, with Su Ling you are in good hands to make the most of your tour in Singapore!

Check out what Su Ling had to say in a short interview:

** What is your favourite Singlish word?

–> “Makan!” Because I love to eat.

**What is your favourite makan (food) place?

–> Plenty, to name a few, most are hawker centre. Like Amoy street food centre,  Old Airport Road Food Centre, Changi Village Food Centre. Because the foods are cheap and authentic. Feel at home and very Singaporean eating at these places.

**Do you have a favourite place in Singapore?

–> The places off the beaten track, like Balestier Road, Tiong Bahru, Katong, Changi Village. Those that maintain the original and local favours.

** Tell us the funniest thing that happened to you during a tour.

–> Cracking my head, can’t recall off hand. When I recall it, I will inform you!!

** Well, I guess, you will have to tell our guests on their tour with you! 

–> 😅😃

#sg #privateguide #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #singaporetour #sgtravel #sgtourguide #singaporetourguide #visitsingapore #personalguide #customizedtour #personalguide #singaporeexcursions #walkingtours #guideinsingapore

Join Su Ling on our food tour of Singapore! Join Su Ling for a Private Tour in the various parks of Singapore!

book onto a foodie tour in Singapore and try the best laksa on the east coast!

Best Food To Try In Singapore – Peranakan Food

There are many things to discover on your walking tours in Singapore this city is famous for. However, one not to miss things you should definitely give a try on a tour for Singapore is the local cuisine! Peranakan Food is the best food to try in Singapore not only for your food tour in Singapore. What does Peranakan actually mean? It is a term that goes back to the 15th century and it translates to “local born” or “local descendants”. It refers to the mixed Chinese – Malay or Indonesian heritage. The food is a mix of Chinese and Malay or Indonesian ingredients. For example, although the spices are more from on the Malay side, the ingredient like pork is on the Chinese side and you will definitely find it in the Peranakan Cuisine. Some typical dishes are “Nyonya Chang” – rice dumplings, “Kueh Lapis” – layer cake and Laksa. The Curry Laksa is typical for Singapore. Ingredients are usually gravy from coconut milk, dried shrimp, rice vermicelli, sambal chilli, coriander and some others mixed with a pinch of love 😃 If you have not tried it yet, make sure your private guide in Singapore takes you to try these delicious treats on your next Singapore tour!

#getinmybelly #goodeats #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #love #food #foodporn #eatsingapore #foodie #foodadventure #sg #tourism #travelbug #hellosingaporetours #sgfoodie #visitsingapore #peranakancuisine #peranakan #laksa #kuehlapis #bakchang #foodtoursingapore #singaporestreetfood #bestfoodtotryinsingapore #singaporefoodtrip #privateguide #personalguide #privatetour #customizedtour #personaltour #grouptour #walkingtour #publictour

taste a delicious Bak Chang on a Singapore food tour Try the Lapis Kueh on your next singapore food tasting tour



Visiting the raffles Hotel in Singapore as part of your Singapore Tours

Singapore City Tour – The Raffles Hotel

The famous Raffles Hotel was opened in 1887 by the Sarkies Brothers from Iran who named it after Sir Stamford Raffles, the Founder of Singapore. The hotel has changed ownership many times over the years. The one thing that hasn’t changed though is the charm of the place. It is exquisite. For the past 130 years, people like Rudyard Kipling, Charlie Chaplin, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, George Bush, Michael Jackson, Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin stayed here.

If you are on your walking tour of Singapore, you will see quickly that many people take turns to take pictures of…

The Doorman! People on Singapore tours from the airport come here just to take a picture of Narjan! He is the most photographed man in Singapore! He has been the doorman at Raffles for 25 years! He even has his own soft toy!

After a Singapore excursion, this would be the place to have the famous Singapore Sling where it was invented!!!

Ask your personal tour guide in Singapore to take you here for your next Changi Singapore Tour!

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The Hello Singapore team of Singapore walking tours guides


want to take a tour with the best tour guides Singapore, book Gee Soo!

Singapore Tour Guide – Spotlight on Gee Soo

Previously we talked about Singapore Tours from the airport and walking tours of Singapore but what about the tour guide that takes you on your Singapore excursions?

Welcome to our first episode of “Meet your Personal Tour Guide Singapore“! This is the first blog in a series to introduce you to your private tour guide in Singapore.

Please meet Gee Soo. Born in Malaysia, he calls Singapore his home for the past 20 years. If you are on a tour with Gee Soo, you will immediately feel his love for all things Singapore. His energetic, friendly and sincere personality will make you feel like you are on a tour with a friend rather than a tour guide that you have never met before! Whether you book a public or private food tour with us at “Hello Singapore” or a private customised tour, if you are with Gee Soo, you are definitely in for an informative and jolly tour in Singapore!

Check out what Gee Soo had to say in a short interview:

** What is your favourite Singlish word?

–> ‘Chiong’ – a Hokkien for ‘to rush forward’, is used to denote creating havoc and/or having fun. ‘Eh, it’s Friday, where shall we go and Chiong?’ – I am yet to find an English word to replace it, isn’t that cool?

**What is your favourite makan (food) place?

–> Blk 19 Marsiling Lane Hawker Centre where I can have one of the best Lontongs in town with my favourite Kopi C Siew-Dai (Coffee with evaporated milk less sweet) in my sleep/casual wear!

**Do you have a favourite place in Singapore?

–> The 2-minute away – Woodlands Waterfront – where I can have my a run or a walk regularly. It’s well shaded by trees and lit’ed at night. Imagine a good workout in the sea Breeze while you enjoy city lights of JB at the other side of Johor Straits!

** Tell us the funniest thing that happened to you during a tour.

–> As a new tourist guide, I was so hungry for opportunities. There was once I was being tasked to lead a group from Iran, the guest didn’t understand English and I don’t speak Persian. We communicated via sign language & hand drawn pictures. It was the longest day in my life and I got tips!

Book your Singapore city tour from airport with Gee Soo

It's always fun on a Singapore Day Tour with Gee Soo!
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The Singapore Grand Prix is on at night, take a day tour in Singapore

Why should I take a private guide to discover Singapore?

“What’s the point in paying more money for a private guide in Singapore?” I hear you say. That is a very good and legit question! Of course, you could also take a Singapore Tour with dozens of other strangers hopping on and off a bus. This tour might be effective because you will see many places within the shortest time and it will give you a little snippet of Singapore and you might not know what you actually have missed. Being on a big tour will give you almost no possibility of asking questions and get to know the real Singapore.

This amazing place has so much to offer…

  • The everlasting history of East meets West
  • The multinational cuisine that will take you on a culinary tour throughout Sout East Asia
  • Being one of the most important financial capitals in Asia
  • The multicultural heritage and many many more!

This is only a small addition to the many things that you can expect on a Singapore City Tour besides the obvious things like the Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands or Orchard Road. Your Personal Tour Guide in Singapore will make sure that you have a memorable day, discovering things and places that you otherwise would not have visited. Whether day tour package or after sunset, your walking tours in Singapore will always be unique – just like YOU! Get in touch with us now and check out the best tours in Singapore for you.

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Add a Singapore China Town tour to your plans for Singapore and you wont be disappointed. Eat your way around Singapore on a Singapore food tour visit garden by the bay as part of your singapore tours with Hello Singapore.

Lunar New Year on your Singapore City Tour from Changi

Gong Xi Fa Cai! – Check out the CNY on your Singapore Walking Tour

Have you been through Chinatown lately? Maybe on your Singapore Food Trip or your Singapore Layover Tour…?

Whichever Singapore Guided Tours you chose, you surely will have seen the beautiful decorations all over Singapore! Ornaments of Red and Gold are typical for Chinese New Year.

Red and Gold on your Singapore City Tour

According to the Lunar Year Calendar, we are entering now “The Year of the Dog”. It is believed that the dog will be watching over humanity for the whole year. People who are born in the year of the dog have to be more careful this year as their patron is busy watching over all the others so that he can’t watch his own zodiac born tribe. Whether you are on your Food Tour in Singapore or on any other Guided Tour in Singapore with us – rest assured that your Hello Singapore Team will be looking after you!

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Thaipusam Kavadi in Singapore

Multicultural Singapore – The Colourful Thaipusam Festival

If you were on a Singapore City Tour in the last 2 weeks, you might have been lucky to experience the Hindu Thaipusam Procession. This festival is in honour of Lord Subramaniam (aka Lord Murugan) who represents virtue, youth and power. Also seen as the destroyer of evil, devotees celebrate Thaipusam for 2 days.

The festivities start in the early morning with Lord Murugan’s chariot procession from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Serangoon Road to the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, Tank Road.


Picture of Lord Murugan

On your Singapore Excursion, your Private Tour Guide will able to show you devotees carrying milk pots which are a symbol of abundance and fertility. Some followers carry “kavadis” which symbolise the burden. They are meant to be the sacrifice through which the believer implores help and blessings from Lord Subramaniam. Many tributes are expressed by piercings of the flesh such as skewers put through the tongue or hooks on the back.

Sacrifice on Thaipusam Thaipusam Sacrifice Spectacular views at Thaipusam

The kavadi is a semi-circular wooden or steel frame decorated with peacock feathers and flowers. It gets hoisted onto the shoulders and is supported by bars. Some kavadis can be as heavy as 40 kg and as high as 4 m! Many frames have spikes that stick into the body are carried 4,5 km from one temple to another.

The Thaipusam Festival is celebrated on the full moon of the Tamil month of Thai (January/February). So, if you have missed out this year, just book your day tour in Singapore with your Personal Tour Guide for next year! They will certainly be able to find the best spot to witness this amazing spectacle!

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Chinatown is all ready for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Singapore – Welcoming the “Year of the Dog”!

Walking through China Town with your personal tour guide for Singapore, seeing the beautiful lanterns lined up – No doubt! Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is close!

Colourful processions, markets and the vibrant lions dancing to bring good luck and fortune are a fascinating sight on Singapore excursions.Lanterns in Chinatown Singapore

“Ang Pow” (red packets) with money is exchanged and you will see that the dominating colours are red to scare away the evil spirits and gold for prosperity!

Traditionally, on the eve of the new year families celebrate at home with a Reunion Dinner to share one of the most important meals of the year with their loved ones. Culinary delights like pineapple tarts, ‘lapis‘ or layered cake, crisp love letters, ‘kueh bangkit’  or coconut cookies and ‘bak kwa’ barbequed meat (mostly pork) are a one of the best food to try in Singapore for this time of the year.

The following days are spent visiting relatives, friends and temples to pray for blessings.

As this Chinese New Year falls on a weekend, it would be also a great time to travel and see how other places around the region are celebrating. For example, you could hop on an aeroplane and fly over to Hong Kong!

Our Hong Kong Team is having a special “Chinese New Year Firework Cruise” to watch the incredible 23 minutes firework display over Victoria Harbour with the amazing Hong Kong Skyline in the background! Limited spots available! Book HERE.

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