a first class food walk in Singapore to wet your appetite


Ask any Singaporean what their favourite past time is and they will say eating. Eat like a local on a food tour and discover why Singaporeans love their food so much!


If you book onto our small group food tour of Singapore you will join a mixed group of other guests.  We take a maximum of 9 people on the small group version of the tour. A Private tour is also available.



book a Singapore food tour with Hello Singapore ToursSmall group food tours run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and start at 9:00am in the East Coast / Katong area of Singapore. Full details on the meeting point is provided upon booking. Tours last 5.5 hours and finish at 2.30pm in Little India. 


Over the course of the food tour we will undertake an in-depth exploration of Singapore’s food culture. You will learn about the history of food in Modern Singapore, from it’s founding in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles through to the present day.


With a permanent resident population of 2.9million Chinese, 500,000 Malays and 350,000 Indians Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. It is that melting pot that we will dive into and re-emerge from with full bellies!


We start our food tour in the East Coast Area of Singapore, a district also known as Katong. It is here that we learn about the early Chinese immigrants to Singapore. The focus will be on food but we will also talk about the types of jobs that they had, how they lived and who they married. It was through the marriage of Chinese immigrants to Malay ladies that the distinctive Peranakan culture was born.

In this district we will enjoy a selection of Singapore’s favourite foods with Chinese and Peranakan heritage including Kaya Toast or Curry Puff and Kopi, Bak Chang, Kuehs and Laksa.

From the East Coast we travel by public bus to the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. The Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is a firm favourite amongst Singaporeans. Why? Because it is home to so many ‘hawker legends’. It is here that we try two of three distinctly Singaporean dishes, Hokkien Mee, Rojak and Carrot Cake.

singapore hawker tour at its best

Our next stop is the district of Kampong Glam, a short 10 minute bus ride away. Kampong Glam is the centre of the Malay community in Singapore and is where the stunning Sultan’s Mosque is located. We will discuss the history of the district, the Sultan’s role in the founding of Modern Singapore and we will try the most popular local foods from the Malay, Arabic and Indonesian communities. Teh Tarrik, Beef Rendang and Murtabak are on our foodie menu.

Our fourth and final stop on our food tour of Singapore is Little India. We will discover why the Indian community choose to settle in this district of Singapore and learn about how it developed over time.

We will be trying some popular savory Indian dishes including Dosa and then finishing with some Indian sweets and Masala Milk.

Throughout the tour you will discover the histories and stories behind the foods that we eat, as well as the restaurants that you eat them in. This tour will give you a solid understanding of what it means to ‘eat like a local’ and how Singapore’s iconic dishes became imbedded into Singapore’s culture.


find out how much it costs to take a food tours in SingaporeSmall group food tours cost US$100 per adult (anyone aged 12 years old and over) and US$67 for children (anyone aged 6 to 11 years of age). Anyone aged 5 years and under is free of charge. Running every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The price includes all of the food and speciality drinks consumed during the tour. Prices listed do not include the costs of transport to get to and from the start and end points of the tour. They do include the costs of public transport used during the tours.

On certain days some of the food stops might be closed. We guarantee at least 10+ foodie stops on each tour. In the case of closures we order more selections or larger portions in other stops.


Eat like a local on a Singapore food tour and enjoy kopi and kaya toast

take a tour of food markets in Singapore on a food tour in Singapore

book onto a foodie tour in Singapore and try the best laksa on the east coast!

this teh tarrik is delicious and is a highlight of the foodie tours in Singapore

Take a food tour in Singapore to discover the best teh tarrik on a kampong glam tour

book a private tours in Singapore to explore Kampong Glam tours

sample bak change and perankan food on a food tours in Singapore

take a singapore food tour of little india and try local indian foods


WHEN: Small group food tours run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

TIME: Food tours last 5.5 hours and start at 09:00am.

PRICING: Small group food tours cost US$100 per adult (anyone aged 12 years old and over) and US$67 for children (anyone aged 6 to 11 years of age). Anyone aged 5 years and under is free of charge. 

WHATS INCLUDED: The tour price includes all of the food and the speciality drinks consumed during the tour. Soft drinks are not included and you are advised to bring at least one litre of water with you to stay hydrated.

STARTING POINT: Outside the first food stop which is in the East Coast / Katong district of Singapore. Directions, maps and pictures for the meeting point are sent upon booking.

END POINT: Little India (instructions on how to get back to your hotel or to your next activity will be provided by your guide).

DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: There is a wide variety of foods and ingredients in this tour. If you are unable to consume any of the following then it does mean that you will NOT be able to eat / drink everything on the tour: milk, meat, pork, prawns, fish, wheat / gluten, spice. If you are unable to consume several of those foods then you may prefer to opt for a customised tour rather than a food tour. We have taken people on the tour who have not been able to eat many of the foods and they have still enjoyed the tour as there is a lot of cultural and historical information but we would suggest that a non food tour would be a better option.

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable shoes.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: All tours takes place come rain or shine. We strongly advise you to bring an umbrella as it does rain in Singapore most days!


Singapore Food Tours | Try some delicious dosa

Singapore Food Tours | Try some delicious dosa So you have booked your Singapore tour and now you are thinking about things to do in Singapore… Then you should come with us on one of our Singapore food tours! Over 4 districts we try many different delicacies that make the multicultural cuisine of Singapore the delight it is! One of the things we try is Dosa. Dosa is a type of pancake or crèpe, originating from the Indian subcontinent, made from a fermented batter. It is somewhat similar to a crepe in appearance. Its main ingredients are rice and black gram ground together in a fine, smooth batter with a dash of salt. Dosa is a typical part of the Southern Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil diets but is now popular all over the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, dosas are served hot along with sambar, a stuffing of potatoes, and chutney. They can be consumed with idli podi as well. Let your Singapore food guide take you on a culinary excursion and experience the different traditions of the etnic cuisines of Singapore!   #getinmybelly #goodeats #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #love #food #foodporn #instagood #greatfood #eatsingapore #foodie #foodadventure #sg #tourism #travelbug #hellosingaporetours #sgfoodie #visitsingapore #foodtour #privatetour #personaltour #grouptour #tourguide #foodguide #dosa #indiandelights #musttry #indiancrepe #sogood

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Singapore Day Tours | Have You Tried Singapore’s National Fruit Yet?

  Singapore Day Tours | Have You Tried Singapore’s National Fruit Yet? When you come with us on Singapore food tours, we will take you to try about 10 different dishes that will introduce you to the multicultural aspects of a Singapore tour. In a short time of 5.5 hours that is a lot to eat so that we had to leave some things out. One of them is Durian! Singapore’s national fruit that is at times more valuable than solid gold!  Referred to as “the king of fruits”,  this is something you can put on your list of things to do in Singapore! Our friends from Durian Man sure will be delighted to see you and give you a little durian to try. Ask your Singapore food guide why some of the durians cost up to S$ 20 per kilo!   #singaporean #welovesingapore #exploresingapore #meetthelocals #instagood #photooftheday #sg #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #singaporetour #visitsingapore #duriansg #durian #kingoffruits #smellyfruit #deliciousfruit #pricklyontheoutsidesoftintheinside #toeatonceinyourlife        

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Singapore Tours | Pandan, The National Cake of Singapore

Singapore Tours | Pandan, The National Cake of Singapore Pandan recently got named one of the world’s 17 best cakes by the travel website of United States news outlet CNN! It was about time that our humble yet heavenly delicious cake gets the attention it deserves (obsessed with pandan cake much? Yes, sir!). When you ever come for a Singapore city tour, do not miss out on this festival for your tastebuds! Describing the cake as “essentially a chiffon cake” infused with green-coloured juice from the pandanus palm, CNN’s April 2 article says: “The radioactive hue of this cake belies its natural woodsy flavour. When married to fluffy- yet-moist chiffon cake, it’s a revelation.” Ask you Singapore food guide about his favourite pandan bakery and don’t miss out to buy some after your Singapore food tours! #getinmybelly #goodeats #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #love #food #foodporn #instagood #instafood #eatsingapore #foodie #foodadventure #sg #tourism #travelbug #hellosingaporetours #sgfoodie #visitsingapore #foodtour #privatetour #personaltour #grouptour #tourguide #obsession #pandan #chiffoncake #pandancake #foodtours #foodguide #guidedtours    photo credit: straits times    

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Singapore Food Tours | The Clean Plate Campaign – We Are Famous!

Singapore Food Tours | The Clean Plate Campaign – We Are Famous! When you book a Singapore city tour with us, we try to show you every aspect of life in Singapore. The things we talk about on Singapore tours range from history, culture, housing, religion, politics and present day happenings in the lives of Singaporeans. One of these things is the “Clean Plate Campaign”. Singapore generated more than 800,000 tonnes of food waste last year. To raise awareness of the environmental and societal impact of food waste, volunteers from the Clean Plate Campaign were visiting a hawker centre. Guess which Singapore food guide was at the very same food court at that time? Our very own Hello Singapore Tours guide Janice! She was on a public food tour with our guests, when volunteers came to her table and journalists took pictures! The next day we had made it to the news! How super exciting. You can read all about the article here! #instafood #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #food #instagood #happy #getinmybelly #eatsingapore #bbctravel #foodie #foodadventure #singapore #sg #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #singaporetour #sgfoodie #foodtour #visitsingapore #straitstimes #wemadethenews #cleanplatecampaign #avoidfoodwastage #dontwastefood #checktheheadline

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Singapore Food Tours | Must Try: Chicken Rice

Singapore Food Tours | Must Try: Chicken Rice When you are planning a Singapore tour, you might think about the things to do in Singapore. But have you also thought of what to eat in Singapore? There are some all-time favourites a Singaporean won’t live without! One of these things is chicken rice! A food that is prepared fast and is just delicious! Having its origins in the Hainanese province of China, this mouth-watering dish is mostly associated with the Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, you should include chicken rice into your Singapore food tours Ask you Singapore food guide to take you to the best place for chicken rice on a Singapore tour. #getinmybelly #goodeats #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #love #food #foodporn #chickenrice #hainanesefood #eatsingapore #foodie #foodadventure #sg #tourism #travelbug #hellosingaporetours #sgfoodie #visitsingapore #foodtour #privatetour #personaltour #grouptour #tourguide #delicious #mouthwatering #bestfoodever  

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Singapore Food Tourism | Singaporean Desserts

Singapore Food Tourism | Singaporean Desserts A Singapore food tour is not complete if you have not tried any of the colourful and delicious sweets. Starting from tutu kueh, cake filled with for example brown palm sugar and shredded coconut. How about onde ondeh? A round, green boiled rice cake coated with grated coconut and filled with liquid gula melaka, or what about some delicious, spongy pandan cake for tea time? Of course, Singapore food tourism is not only eating dessert but if you have a sweet tooth, there is definitely enough things to satisfy the craving! Ask your Singapore food guide to end your Singapore food tour with some delicious dessert! #singaporefood #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #food #delicious #happy #getinmybelly #eatsingapore #bbctravel #foodie #foodadventure #singapore #sg #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #singaporetour #sgfoodie #foodtour #visitsingapore #ondehondeh #coconut #ricedessert  

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