Eat your way around Singapore on a Singapore food tour
6 Jul

Singapore Food Tourism | The Curious Food Of The Little Red Dot!

Singapore Food Tourism | The Curious Food Of The Little Red Dot!

Thinking of a Singapore city tour, you might have many things like Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road or many other touristy places in mind. As for food, you might think of Kaya toast, Laksa or any kind of curry… BUT did you know that Singapore is home to some very curious foods that might not be for the faint-hearted?

Let’s start this nice and easy. Here is our very special TOP 5!

Chicken Feet! Although the appearance is maybe not very appealing and once you get over that it is actually a chicken’s feet, you will quickly realise “This does taste like chicken!”  These wrinkly claws are delicious (mostly sold out by 9 AM!!!) in a meal or as a snack on your next BBQ!

Whether in a meal or as BBQ! Try this on singapore food tour

Ask your singapore food guide to try different food

Frog porridge is up next! If you would eat with your eyes closed, there is a good chance you will think you are eating chicken. Well, if it wasn’t for some slimy coating, that is. However, who could tell it is frog from the picture??? The best place to find Frog Porridge on our Private Tours Singaporeis Geylang – interested? Just ask us to take you!

Chicken or frog? try this on a private food tour singapore

It tastes better than it looks. Ask your singapore food guide

Sharks Fin Soup! Probably world’s most controversial food. The only special thing about this soup is mostly the premium price tag. It mainly is served at weddings and graduation party menus. The taste is slightly fishy and probably something one could live without – taking environmental concerns into account.

Shark fin soup - you can find it on a singapore excursion

Don’t worry! We do not serve this on our singapore food tours

Pork intestines mee sua! Why waste anything from pork when you can have EVERYTHING? First braised then cooked with mee sua (salted noodles from wheat flour) are very soft and taste much better than they look! Soft and fragrant, one can get used to it and it might become a favourite!

Tastes better than it looks. Ask you singapore food guide

This is definitely a curious food on singapore food tours

And last but not least – if for any reason we could not convince you to try these local curiosities whilst on your Singapore excursion, there is one last thing that might make you crave for more:


ask for vegetarian options on your singapore food tour

the veggie monster cannot be found on singapore food tours

You might not get the exact same presentation but promise, these cute vegetables are not only healthy but insanely delicious with any sauce from your local hawker center on your Singapore city tour!

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