13 Jul

Singapore Food Tourism | Our Food Tours Are Popular With Hollywood Celebrities!

Singapore Food Tourism | Our Food Tours Are Popular With Hollywood Celebrities!

Rumour has it that Hello Singapore food tourism is booming and starts becoming very popular amongst the rich and famous in Hollywood! 😃

Last week we were so lucky to have another fun and food-loving VIP with us on our Singapore food tour! When Larry Fong (cinematographer of movies like 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Lost and Skull Island) was in Malaysia for a commercial shot, he had a layover in our little red dot and took a Singapore food tour with us. Of course, we were super excited and had to make a lucky draw for the Hello Singapore tour guide to take Larry Fong on the food tour….And the winner was Su Ling!

She showed him the best of Singapore food tours. They started in the East Coast with Kaya, Laksa and Noya dumplings. According to Larry, those were his favourite foods of the day.

The singapore food guide that took Larry Fong to Marine Parade

Larry enjoying laksa on a singapore food tour

Larry shared with us that food courts in the States are mainly burger places, mini cafés and restaurants. He said that he wished they would have hawker centres like the ones in Singapore.

Next on the list of things to do in Singapore was Little India, to try some more delicious food. Because it is a popular place, they shared a table with some other tourists who were in Singapore from India. I wonder if they knew who they were sharing a table with?

Larry sharing his table on a singapore food tour

singapore food tourism brings all nations together at one table

When you are on a Singapore tour with somebody who has worked with some really cool celebrities, you can’t possibly hold back your curiosity about all these people you see in the cinema. So, we asked Larry which famous actors and actresses he had met and what he thought of them… Well, we had to promise not to reveal it… Sorry, folks! 😉

Book your private food tour singapore today

Larry booked a gourmet food tour singapore

At the end of our tour, we looked back to a fabulous day with Larry Fong and had won a new friend! We hope he will talk about us to his friends in Hollywood and maybe one day… One day we will have the Avengers coming on our Singapore food tour!

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