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2 Mar

Singapore Tour Guide – Spotlight on Gee Soo

Previously we talked about Singapore Tours from the airport and walking tours of Singapore but what about the tour guide that takes you on your Singapore excursions?

Welcome to our first episode of “Meet your Personal Tour Guide Singapore“! This is the first blog in a series to introduce you to your private tour guide in Singapore.

Please meet Gee Soo. Born in Malaysia, he calls Singapore his home for the past 20 years. If you are on a tour with Gee Soo, you will immediately feel his love for all things Singapore. His energetic, friendly and sincere personality will make you feel like you are on a tour with a friend rather than a tour guide that you have never met before! Whether you book a public or private food tour with us at “Hello Singapore” or a private customised tour, if you are with Gee Soo, you are definitely in for an informative and jolly tour in Singapore!

Check out what Gee Soo had to say in a short interview:

** What is your favourite Singlish word?

–> ‘Chiong’ – a Hokkien for ‘to rush forward’, is used to denote creating havoc and/or having fun. ‘Eh, it’s Friday, where shall we go and Chiong?’ – I am yet to find an English word to replace it, isn’t that cool?

**What is your favourite makan (food) place?

–> Blk 19 Marsiling Lane Hawker Centre where I can have one of the best Lontongs in town with my favourite Kopi C Siew-Dai (Coffee with evaporated milk less sweet) in my sleep/casual wear!

**Do you have a favourite place in Singapore?

–> The 2-minute away – Woodlands Waterfront – where I can have my a run or a walk regularly. It’s well shaded by trees and lit’ed at night. Imagine a good workout in the sea Breeze while you enjoy city lights of JB at the other side of Johor Straits!

** Tell us the funniest thing that happened to you during a tour.

–> As a new tourist guide, I was so hungry for opportunities. There was once I was being tasked to lead a group from Iran, the guest didn’t understand English and I don’t speak Persian. We communicated via sign language & hand drawn pictures. It was the longest day in my life and I got tips!

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It's always fun on a Singapore Day Tour with Gee Soo!
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