Fun times in Singapore with this girl
16 May

Singapore Tour Guide – Spotlight on Janice

Singapore Tour Guide – Spotlight on Janice


Welcome to our fourth episode of “Meet your personal tour guide Singapore”! This is blog number 4 of our series to introduce you to your private tour guide in Singapore.

When you have Janice leading you on your Singapore activities you definitely are in good hands with this ever-happy person!

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If you book a private customised tour with her, she will be able to tell you all the insider information on your tours in Singapore!

Born Singaporean-Chinese and growing up in a multi-cultural environment, this world traveller has been in the travel industry for the past 13 years and has many stories to tell.

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Singapore tour guide Janice riding the MRT with our guests.

Let’s see what Janice had to say in our short interview:

** What is your favourite Singlish word?

–> Alamak! Its the Singaporean exclamation of surprise, like “OMG!” made popular by a local comedian

**What is your favourite makan (food) place?

–>I’m gonna be greedy here:

– Tapioca cakes from Maxwell Hawker

– Janggut Laksa at Katong (Try it on our food tour!)
– Lor mee from Tiong Bahru market
**I’m sure our readers will agree, they all sound delicious! 🍽🥣

**Do you have a favourite place in Singapore?

–> I love the National Gallery! Not because I am a fan of the arts but because the 2 buildings (City Hall and Supreme Court) are a place that is rich in the modern history of Singapore and the architect did such a good job preserving and linking the two buildings together.

** Tell us the funniest thing that happened to you during a tour.

–> Probably, not the funniest but it was memorable and made a joke out of it and it was good fun. We took the train with the guests, a couple from the USA. The door of the train was closing, the husband rushed into the train, the door closed after him, leaving me and the wife behind. Both husband and wife did not have mobile phones with them. We used sign language to communicate with the husband to stop at the next stop (good thing he understood! 😃). At the next stop, we found each other and the couple joked that the husband purposely walked quickly in hope to spend a day on his own without the wife.

** He should have planned it a bit more careful probably… 😂

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