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We specialise in Private and Small Group Singapore tours. All of our Singapore day tours combine Singapore’s ‘must see sights’ with hidden gems and back streets. Our ethos is ‘like-a-local’. Our Singapore tours are culturally immersive walking tours, meaning that you will travel around Singapore on foot and using the excellent public transport system….like a local! BUT… we do also do tours in private cars for those that prefer to travel in air-conditioned comfort! Throughout our Singapore day tours you will learn about Singapore’s culture, customs, history and local way of life. Feeling hungry? We’ll get you eating like a local too!  



Private Customised Tours of Singapore

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If you you are thinking of things to do in Singapore take a singapore day tours with us to discover more!

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Custom designed Singapore tours available as an immersive walking tour using public transport and as a car tour.

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Available 7-days a week, day and night. Choose from 4 to 8 hours.

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See the things that you want to see, at a pace that you want to see them at –  Singapore tours are 100% customisable.

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Best choice for airport layovers and cruise passengers. Start and finish your Singapore tours anywhere in Singapore.

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Singapore Food Tours

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Our list of things to do in singapore will be customised to your requirements.

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Learn to eat like a local on a Singapore Food Tour with 10+ foodie tastings.

Singapore tours for the best things to do in singapore

Singapore Food Tours are available as a private tour and as a small group public tour. 

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Explore Little India, Kampong Glam, Arab Street, Old Airport Road Hawker and the East Coast on your Singapore Food Tour.

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Private Singapore Food Tours are available 7 days per week. Group tours available Tue, Thur, Sat.

Singapore Night Tours

Singapore day tours can also be singapore night tours

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Learn about the founding of Singapore by Stamford Raffles & the incredible development over the last 60 years. Find out about modern day life for the average Singaporean.

there are many things to do in Singapore including the best singapore toursSingapore Night Tours are available as a private tour and as a small group public tour. 

singapore day tours can also be singapore night tours

 Explore the Civic District, take a River Cruise around Marina Bay, and visit Chinatown. Enjoy dinner in a Hawker Centre and a Singapore Sling cocktail. 

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Private tours available 7 days per week. Group tours available Mon, Wed, Fri.


Cultural tourism at its best. Take a singapore day tours and discover its rich history and culture.

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Hello! We are the Hello Singapore Tours team and we are looking forward to welcoming you onto our  Singapore day tours. We are all local Singapore tourist guide with a huge passion for sharing our in-depth knowledge about Singapore and it’s culture, customs and history.

We all speak excellent or native English. We also have Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese language skills within our team. We have worked incredibly hard to design our Singapore tours. 

We have a diverse range of backgrounds from Finance Professional, Strategy Consultant, Hostel Owner to Facilities Manager.  One thing is consistent though; we will all give you a FUN packed and memorable Singapore tour full of laughs and unforgettable moments. 

Click on our faces to find out more about us!


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Singapore Activities | Happy Birthday Singapore!

Singapore Activities | Happy Birthday Singapore! Last week our beloved Singapore turned 53 years young! If you happen to be on any Singapore tours, you will have seen the red and white in every corner. We could once again celebrate and take part in the National Day Parade! Ask your Singapore tour guide about how this wonderful place achieved its independence in 1965 with big doubts and worries in everybody’s thoughts whether it would be surviving because of its size and lacking natural resources. But against all odds, Singapore succeeded and developed to one of the leading countries it is today! Come with us on a Singapore city tour and let your Singapore tour guide show you the things that made our little red dot what it is today! You will not only get to know about things to do in Singapore but also about its history from past to present to future! #singaporean #welovesingapore #exploresingapore #meetthelocals #instagood #photooftheday #sg #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #singaporetour #visitsingapore #ndp #nationaldayparade #littlereddot #proudtobesingaporean #redandwhite #nationalday #happybirthday #history #pastpresentfuture #citytours #privatetours #personaltours #privateguide #personalguide #customisedtour #tourguide

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Singapore Boat Tour

Singapore River Cruises   A short while back our Founder Laura was invited out on a Singapore harbour cruise with Ximula Sail. She had such a brilliant time that we set up a partnership with Ximula Sail so that we can offer everyone the opportunity to go out on a wonderful Singapore boat tour.     The boat is a luxurious 40ft catamaran which is berthed in the exclusive ONE 15 Marina Club on Sentosa Island. The sunset Singapore river cruises last 3 hours, running from 6.30pm to 9.30pm every other Tuesday. Up to date information on availability can be found on our booking page HERE.   The sunset views from St John’s Island where the boat drops anchor are incredible.     And if you are feeling energetic you can enjoy some stand up paddle boarding or kayaking. Whether you live in Singapore or are visiting Singapore put this sunset Singapore harbour cruise to the top of your list of things to do in Singapore. You can find out more about our sunset Singapore harbour cruise on our website HERE.   

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book your trip to pulau ubin today

Pulau Ubin Activities | Kayak Singapore

Pulau Ubin Activities | Kayak Singapore Last week our  Founder Laura was invited out on a Kayak Singapore expedition with Asian Detours. She had such a brilliant time that we set up a partnership with Asian Detours so that we can offer high-quality Pulau Ubin activities!   There are many many things to do in Singapore and if you only have a few days it will be hard to prioritise. We recommend putting this kayak Singapore activity to the top of your list though! Pulau Ubin can be reached by bumboat from Changi Point Ferry terminal. The short 10-minute boat ride will take you back in time to rural Kampong life. This is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get in touch with nature. The mangrove kayaking expedition is suitable for all levels, including people who have not kayaked before. It is a great family-friendly activity. You find out more about our Pulau Ubin Mangrove kayaking trips on our website HERE.  #boattour #harbourcruise #sailing #cruising #singaporetour #hellosingapore #adventure #tourism #travelbug #wanderlust #singaporeriver #pulauubin #kayaking #port #traveloften #discoversingapore #visitsingapore #bbctravel #instatravel #kayakadventure #wateradventure #singaporeisland

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Visit Arab street on your singapore city tour from airport

Singapore Day Tours | Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque)

Singapore Day Tours | Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque) On a Singapore tour, there is no way that you will miss out on the multi-cultural nature of our little red dot! You will find Churches, Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples and Mosques. The most famous mosque by far is Masjid Sultan in the historic Kampong Glam district. Here we see two of our guests who visited the Sultan Mosque on their Singapore city tour with us. It was built in 1824 for Sultan Hussein Shah, the first sultan of Singapore. When the Muslim community grew bigger in Singapore having become an important centre for Islamic commerce, culture and art, the mosque soon became too small to accommodate everybody. Around about that time the Masjid Sultan was due for some repairs and Swan and Maclaren, Singapore’s oldest architectural office, created the new mosque that over 5,000 contributed to.  Each dome base is decorated with glass bottle ends, donated by poor Muslims during its construction so that all Muslims, not just the rich, could contribute. If you are taking a Singapore city tour with us your guide will point out the bottles.   In 1975 the Masjid Sultan was declared a preserved historical building under the patronage of the Preservation of Monuments Board Act. In January 2016, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officiated Completion of the Refurbishment & Restoration project and also inaugurated the Opening of the Glass Lift at the mosque main building. In October 2016, was awarded the prestigious Architectural Heritage Award 2016 from the Urban Redevelopment Authority.   Our Singapore day tours are the perfect opportunity for every architecture fan (but also people interested in history) to visit this amazing beautiful building. Ask your Singapore tour guide to include the Sultan Mosque to your itinerary. #design #masjidsultan #photooftheday #singapore #sg #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #wanderlust #buildings #sglife #wanderlust #discoversingapore #discoversg #visitsingapore #sultanmosque #kampongglam #multicultural #hometomany #diversity #arabstreet #hajilane    

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Singapore Food Tourism | Our Food Tours Are Popular With Hollywood Celebrities!

Singapore Food Tourism | Our Food Tours Are Popular With Hollywood Celebrities! Rumour has it that Hello Singapore food tourism is booming and starts becoming very popular amongst the rich and famous in Hollywood! 😃 Last week we were so lucky to have another fun and food-loving VIP with us on our Singapore food tour! When Larry Fong (cinematographer of movies like 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Lost and Skull Island) was in Malaysia for a commercial shot, he had a layover in our little red dot and took a Singapore food tour with us. Of course, we were super excited and had to make a lucky draw for the Hello Singapore tour guide to take Larry Fong on the food tour….And the winner was Su Ling! She showed him the best of Singapore food tours. They started in the East Coast with Kaya, Laksa and Noya dumplings. According to Larry, those were his favourite foods of the day. Larry shared with us that food courts in the States are mainly burger places, mini cafés and restaurants. He said that he wished they would have hawker centres like the ones in Singapore. Next on the list of things to do in Singapore was Little India, to try some more delicious food. Because it is a popular place, they shared a table with some other tourists who were in Singapore from India. I wonder if they knew who they were sharing a table with? When you are on a Singapore tour with somebody who has worked with some really cool celebrities, you can’t possibly hold back your curiosity about all these people you see in the cinema. So, we asked Larry which famous actors and actresses he had met and what he thought of them… Well, we had to promise not to reveal it… Sorry, folks! 😉 At the end of our tour, we looked back to a fabulous day with Larry Fong and had won a new friend! We hope he will talk about us to his friends in Hollywood and maybe one day… One day we will have the Avengers coming on our Singapore food tour! #goodfood #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #food #goodeats #happy #getinmybelly #eatsingapore #bbctravel #foodie #foodadventure #singapore #sg #foodietours #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #singaporetour #sgfoodie #foodtour #visitsingapore #privatetours #grouptours #publictours #customisedtours #privateguide #personalguide #larryfong #hollywoodmeetssingapore #hollywood #cinematography #celebrity 

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Kampung life style to be found in Pulau ubin

Things To Do In Singapore | Discover Pulau Ubin

Things To Do In Singapore | Discover Pulau Ubin Pulau Ubin is an island off the eastern shores of Singapore. Here you can experience how kampung (village) life in Singapore in the 1960s might have looked like. No cars are allowed but you can stroll and pedal your way all over the island. If you wonder about Singapore trips, you should try and add this to your list of things to do in Singapore as a contrast to the city life! It may not have white sandy beaches like other places in Singapore but the charm of this beautiful place will recharge your soul and you will notice that the air is fresher, the food tastes better and that nature can be soaked up. The Chek Jawa Wetland comprises coral reefs, which are home to extensive marine wildlife, such as sea hares, sea squirts, octopuses, starfish, sand dollars, sponges and cuttlefish. Definitely worth scheduling as one of your Singapore excursions. You can reach this corner of paradise within 15 minutes via the bumboat from Singapore Changi village. Ask your Singapore tour guide about more details on Pulau Ubin activities ! It’s worth the visit! #pulauubin #photooftheday #sg #singapore #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #singaporetour #beautifulsg #nature #visitsingapore #countryside #bumboat #recharge #soulfood #relax #chillax #paradise #slowdown #privateguide #personalguide #tourguide #personaltour #privatetour #grouptour #customizedtour #kayaksingapore #pulauubinactivities 

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Best Tours In Singapore – Guess who?

Best Tours In Singapore – Guess who? When Hello Singapore Tours went live in July 2017, our dream was to provide the most fun and interesting Singapore day tours to our guests. We were hoping to contribute to some great memories of their time in Singapore. We started creating our Singapore guided tours about things that make this place so special. Our portfolio includes public and private Singapore Food Tours, Private Walking Tours of Singapore, Singapore Car Tours and, our latest addition the Night Tour of Singapore. Little did we know that not even one year later, we would be featured in one of Singapore’s Visitor Centres! *drum roll* Hello Singapore Tours can be found as a tour provider at OrchardGateway @emerald in Orchard Road! So, when you walk into the Visitor Centre in Orchard Road looking for the best Singapore Tour Guide, not only can you book hotels, use the free WiFi, buy connectivity solutions like EZ link card or SIM card; you can also book a Singapore tour with us!   #photooftheday #sg #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #singaporetour #sgtravel #sgtourguide #singaporetourguide #visitsingapore #singaporevisitorcentres #orchardrd #explore #discover #plan #privateguide #personalguide #tourguide #privatetour #personaltour #customisedtour #publictour #grouptour

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visit garden by the bay as part of your singapore tours with Hello Singapore.

Walking Tours in Singapore – Take a stroll through Gardens by the Bay

If you ever thought of a tour for Singapore, you will definitely have seen some pictures of Gardens by the Bay! This 101-hectare nature park is an initiative of the Singapore government to transform the “Garden City” into a “City in a Garden”. The Gardens opened its doors to the public in 2011 after breaking ground in November 2007. Being high on the popularity list, Gardens by the Bay had its 20,000,000th  (YES, twenty millionths!!! 😳) visitor in November 2015! It consists of three waterfront gardens, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forrest. Whereas the Cloud Forrest replicates the tropical mountain regions of South-East Asia, Middle- and Sout America featuring a 35-metre waterfall to providing crisp and refreshing air, the Flower Dome replicates the mild and dry climate found in the Mediterranean, Australia, some South American and South African regions. If you need a break on your Singapore city tour, the changing floral displays in the Flower Dome are always worth a visit, especially, for Christmas and Chinese New Year. Did you know that the orchid display won gold at the 22nd World Orchid Conference (WOC 22) held in Ecuador in 2017? Ask your private tour guide in Singapore to tell you more about it, or how about finishing your Singapore tour at the Gardens by the Bay?  

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