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Eat like a local on a Hello Singapore Food tour!

our singapore tours can start at any time from 8am to 4pmOur Food Tours last 5.5 hours and provide a solid introduction to Singapore’s history and culture through food. 



food walks in Singapore start in KatongOur Singapore food tours cover four districts of Singapore; the East Coast (also known as Katong), Old Airport Road, Kampong Glam and Little India. In each district you will enjoy foods from each of the main ethnic groups of Singapore; Chinese, Peranakan, Malay (Muslim) and Indian. There are 10+ food tastings in this tour.


hawker centre food tour in Singapore lets you sample over 10 local Singapore foodsPlease note that there is a wide variety of foods in this tour. If you are unable to consume any of the following then it does mean that you will NOT be able to eat / drink everything on the tour: milk, meat, pork, prawns, fish, wheat / gluten, spice. If you are unable to consume several of those foods then you may prefer to opt for a private customised tour rather than a food tour.


up to 12 people can join a food walk in Singapore

We offer both public group and private food tours.



book a Singapore food tour with Hello Singapore Tours

Public group tours run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Private food tours are available 7 days a week and can start any time before 3:00pm.

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Su Ling will take you on a food tour of Singapore and delight your taste buds.

This is Su Ling, one of the Hello Singapore tour guides.


This is Laura from the back office team braving the green chilli on the Singapore food tour!

Deciding between a private tour and public group tour

A private tour gives you the benefit of being able to enjoy the tour at your own pace. It also allows for the option of adding on an additional half an hour to have your guide meet you at your hotel rather then the prearranged meeting point. Private Singapore food tours tours are 100% customisable so if you want to take out one of the districts and add in another area you can do that! 

If you book a small group tour you will join a group of other visitors. We take a maximum of 8 guests on our small group food tours in Singapore so it is still an immersive experience with lots of one-on-one time per person with the guide. You will need to be comfortable talking to and sharing your dining table with a group of new friends.




Singapore Food Tourism | Teh Tarik On Your Singapore City Tour

Singapore Food Tourism | Teh Tarik On Your Singapore Tours Our Singapore food tours are full of delicious goodness from the kitchens of our multicultural island. We like our curry, we like our nasi lemak, we like our chicken rice but we certainly love our teh tarik! It translates to “pulled tea” and is a hot milk tea which can be commonly found in restaurants, outdoor stalls and kopi tiams. Whether you are on a Singapore food tour or any other Singapore city tour, don’t miss out to take a break and enjoy a cuppa! #instafood #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #food #instagood #happy #getinmybelly #eatsingapore #bbctravel #foodie #foodadventure #singapore #sg #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #singaporetour #sgfoodie #foodtour #visitsingapore #privateguide #tourguide #personalguide #singaporefoodtours #sgfoodtourism #tehtarik #hotmilktea #getacuppa #enjoyacuppa 

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Singapore Food Tourism | Crazy Rich Asian Tour Part Three

Singapore Food Tourism | Crazy Rich Asian Tour Part Three Following the success of the “Crazy Rich Asians” film, let us introduce you to some of the really “Singaporean” things to do when you book your Singapore tours or even better Singapore food tours with us. One of the typical things for our little red dot is to think of lunch while having breakfast or think of dinner right after lunch! Like you can see Nick, Rachel, Colin and Araminta – one of the most popular places to eat anytime of the day is a hawker center. This means when you are on a Singapore food tour with us, we will give you the opportunity to try all the delicious food that a “food court” (aka hawker center) offers. You can find indoor and outdoor options. If you want to have the exact experience like the characters from the film, we would suggest stopping at the Newton food court on your Singapore city tour! #newton #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #food #hawkercenter #happy #getinmybelly #eatsingapore #bbctravel #foodie #foodadventure #singapore #sg #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #singaporetour #sgfoodie #foodtour #visitsingapore #cra #crazyrichasians #movieset #filmset #newtonfoodcentre #eatlikealocal  

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Singapore Food Tourism | Singaporean Desserts

Singapore Food Tourism | Singaporean Desserts A Singapore food tour is not complete if you have not tried any of the colourful and delicious sweets. Starting from tutu kueh, cake filled with for example brown palm sugar and shredded coconut. How about onde ondeh? A round, green boiled rice cake coated with grated coconut and filled with liquid gula melaka, or what about some delicious, spongy pandan cake for tea time? Of course, Singapore food tourism is not only eating dessert but if you have a sweet tooth, there is definitely enough things to satisfy the craving! Ask your Singapore food guide to end your Singapore food tour with some delicious dessert! #singaporefood #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #food #delicious #happy #getinmybelly #eatsingapore #bbctravel #foodie #foodadventure #singapore #sg #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #singaporetour #sgfoodie #foodtour #visitsingapore #ondehondeh #coconut #ricedessert  

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Singapore Food Tourism | Our Food Tours Are Popular With Hollywood Celebrities!

Singapore Food Tourism | Our Food Tours Are Popular With Hollywood Celebrities! Rumour has it that Hello Singapore food tourism is booming and starts becoming very popular amongst the rich and famous in Hollywood! 😃 Last week we were so lucky to have another fun and food-loving VIP with us on our Singapore food tour! When Larry Fong (cinematographer of movies like 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Lost and Skull Island) was in Malaysia for a commercial shot, he had a layover in our little red dot and took a Singapore food tour with us. Of course, we were super excited and had to make a lucky draw for the Hello Singapore tour guide to take Larry Fong on the food tour….And the winner was Su Ling! She showed him the best of Singapore food tours. They started in the East Coast with Kaya, Laksa and Noya dumplings. According to Larry, those were his favourite foods of the day. Larry shared with us that food courts in the States are mainly burger places, mini cafés and restaurants. He said that he wished they would have hawker centres like the ones in Singapore. Next on the list of things to do in Singapore was Little India, to try some more delicious food. Because it is a popular place, they shared a table with some other tourists who were in Singapore from India. I wonder if they knew who they were sharing a table with? When you are on a Singapore tour with somebody who has worked with some really cool celebrities, you can’t possibly hold back your curiosity about all these people you see in the cinema. So, we asked Larry which famous actors and actresses he had met and what he thought of them… Well, we had to promise not to reveal it… Sorry, folks! 😉 At the end of our tour, we looked back to a fabulous day with Larry Fong and had won a new friend! We hope he will talk about us to his friends in Hollywood and maybe one day… One day we will have the Avengers coming on our Singapore food tour! #goodfood #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #food #goodeats #happy #getinmybelly #eatsingapore #bbctravel #foodie #foodadventure #singapore #sg #foodietours #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #lonelyplanet #travelstoke #hellosingaporetours #singaporetour #sgfoodie #foodtour #visitsingapore #privatetours #grouptours #publictours #customisedtours #privateguide #personalguide #larryfong #hollywoodmeetssingapore #hollywood #cinematography #celebrity 

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Eat your way around Singapore on a Singapore food tour

Singapore Food Tourism | The Curious Food Of The Little Red Dot!

Singapore Food Tourism | The Curious Food Of The Little Red Dot! Thinking of a Singapore city tour, you might have many things like Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road or many other touristy places in mind. As for food, you might think of Kaya toast, Laksa or any kind of curry… BUT did you know that Singapore is home to some very curious foods that might not be for the faint-hearted? Let’s start this nice and easy. Here is our very special TOP 5! Chicken Feet! Although the appearance is maybe not very appealing and once you get over that it is actually a chicken’s feet, you will quickly realise “This does taste like chicken!”  These wrinkly claws are delicious (mostly sold out by 9 AM!!!) in a meal or as a snack on your next BBQ! Frog porridge is up next! If you would eat with your eyes closed, there is a good chance you will think you are eating chicken. Well, if it wasn’t for some slimy coating, that is. However, who could tell it is frog from the picture??? The best place to find Frog Porridge on our Private Tours Singaporeis Geylang – interested? Just ask us to take you! Sharks Fin Soup! Probably world’s most controversial food. The only special thing about this soup is mostly the premium price tag. It mainly is served at weddings and graduation party menus. The taste is slightly fishy and probably something one could live without – taking environmental concerns into account. Pork intestines mee sua! Why waste anything from pork when you can have EVERYTHING? First braised then cooked with mee sua (salted noodles from wheat flour) are very soft and taste much better than they look! Soft and fragrant, one can get used to it and it might become a favourite! And last but not least – if for any reason we could not convince you to try these local curiosities whilst on your Singapore excursion, there is one last thing that might make you crave for more:   You might not get the exact same presentation but promise, these cute vegetables are not only healthy but insanely delicious with any sauce from your local hawker center on your Singapore city tour! #getinmybelly #goodeats #travel #traveloften #wanderlust #discoversingapore #love #food #foodporn #curiousfood #strangefood #eatsingapore #foodie #foodadventure #sg #tourism #travelbug #hellosingaporetours #sgfoodie #visitsingapore #tryfood #intestine #chickenfeet #crunchy #sweet #sour #savoury #soft #fragrant #foodtour #privateguide #personalguide #customizedtour #grouptour #privatetour #personaltour

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