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Join us on a journey through Singapore from past to present. Explore the historic Civic District before cruising down the river on a bumboat through to present day. Enjoy dinner in a Hawker Centre and a traditional tea tasting experience.

If you book onto our small group night tour of Singapore you will join a mixed group of other guests.  We take a maximum of 9 people on the small group version of the tour. A Private tour is also available.


book a Singapore food tour with Hello Singapore ToursSmall group night tours run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and start at 4:00pm in the Civic District of Singapore. Full details on the meeting point is provided upon booking. Tours last 4.5 hours and finish at 8.30pm in Chinatown. 

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Over the course of the night tour we will undertake an in-depth exploration of Singapore’s history and development. We will start our journey with the founding of Modern Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles and progress through time to the present day. We will learn about the incredible development of Singapore over the last 60 years and about modern day life for the average Singaporean.   

We start our Singapore night tour in the Civic District where will we visit some of the historic colonial buildings and learn about the early pioneers who came to Singapore make a living.  We will then board a bumboat and take a 30-minute cruise down the river through to present day. We visit Merlion Park and soak in the late afternoon view of Marina Bay whilst learning about the mega construction project behind it. 

Our journey through time progresses by bus to a residential district called Tanjong Pagar. We will discuss the political reform by The Founding Father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and discover how Singapore went from third-world to first-world in one generation. We will be accessing the roof of an award-winning Housing development Board (HDB) residential building from where we will get the most amazing birds-eye view of downtown Singapore. 

hawker centre food tour in Singapore lets you sample over 10 local Singapore foods

The fourth stop of our night tour of Singapore is the famous Maxwell Hawker Centre in Chinatown where we will enjoy Singapore’s most iconic dish; Chicken Rice. We will wash it down with a freshly squeezed Sugar Cane juice; a real hit on our tours! Your guide will teach you Hawker Centre etiquette and point out all of the must-try foods in Singapore. We will make sure that you know how to eat like a local for the remainder of your time in Singapore.

After dinner, we retreat to a beautiful tea house for a traditional tea tasting experience. You will learn the art of the tea ceremony and try the Imperial tea that Queen Elizabeth II was served in the very same tea house. You’ll receive a small souvenir to take home to remember the experience

This tour is packed full of ‘must see’ and ‘must do’ highlights. We cover some very interesting historical and political subjects and can go as deep or as light as you like on them. Our promise is to keep it fun and informative. 


find out how much it costs to take a food tours in SingaporeSmall group night tours cost US$110 per adult (anyone aged 12 years old and over) and US$75 for children (anyone aged 6 to 11 years of age). This tour is not suitable for under 6’s due to the walking requirement. If you have young children please book a private tour.

Small Group Day to Night Tours run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The price includes the Singapore River Cruise (SG$25), entrance to the roof of The Pinnacle, a chicken rice meal, sugar cane juice and traditional tea tasting experience. Prices listed do not include the costs of transport to get to and from the start and end points of the tour. They do include the costs of public transport used during the tours.

If you are a vegetarian we promise to get you something to eat at the Hawker Centre but we can not guarantee what will be available, it might be quite basic (like rice and veg). If the rooftop of The Pinnacle is closed due to bad weather we will take you to a different HDB building. If the teahouse is closed we will have a bigger dinner section.  


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singapore walking tours with singapore tour guides

Want to know what the best chicken rice is in Singapore? ask your Singapore food tour guide!

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WHEN: Small group day to night tours run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

TIME: Day to night tours last 4.5 hours and start at 4:00pm

PRICING: Small group day to night tours cost US$110 per adult (anyone aged 12 years old and over) and US$75 for children (anyone aged 6 to 11 years of age). This tour is not suitable for under 6’s due to the walking requirement. If you have young children please book a private tour. CLICK HERE. 

WHATS INCLUDED: The tour price includes the Singapore River Cruise (SG$25), entrance to the roof of The Pinnacle, a chicken rice meal, sugar cane juice and traditional tea tasting experience. Additional soft drinks are not included and you are advised to bring at least one litre of water with you to stay hydrated.

STARTING POINT: Outside City Hall MRT Station. Directions, maps and pictures for the meeting point are sent upon booking.

END POINT: The teahouse located in Chinatown.

WALKING REQUIREMENTS: This tour requires you to be able to walk 6km. We do walk at a slow casual pace but if you tire easily a group tour will not be suitable for you. Instead book a private tour so that we can cut down walking by taking the occasional taxi ride. 

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable shoes. Lightweight clothing that will dry easily if we get caught in a shower.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: All tours takes place come rain or shine. We strongly advise you to bring an umbrella as it does rain in Singapore most days!


check out the lights on your singapore trips

Singapore Trips | Did You See The Light Art Festival Yet?

Singapore Trips | Did You See The Light Art Festival Yet? If you have booked a Singapore night tour these days with a Singapore tourist guide, you will be stunned by the awe-inspiring light art installations created by local and international artists. To encourage the general public for sustainable habits throughout their day, these installations are designed with energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials. Ask your Singapore tourist guide about the timings for the show.   #singapore #nighttour #partyon #discoversingapore #wanderlust #instagood #sg #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #singaporetour #adventure #welltraveled #party #afterdark #visitsingapore #privatetour #publictour #personaltour #privateguide #personalguide #tourguide #signaporetrips #sgatnight #ilightsingapore2019 #bicentennialedition #lightart #marinabay #civicdistrict #singaporeriver #rafflesterrace #fortcanningpark

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Singapore Trips | The Fullerton Hotel

Singapore Trips | The Fullerton Hotel The Fullerton Hotel was commissioned in 1919 as part of the celebrations for 100 years as a British colony. It was finished in 1928 and originally housed the General Post Office, top government offices and The Singapore Club which was an old boys club. When entering the post office at that time the counter was 300 feet long! We believe it was the longest in the world at that time. Although the central atrium is the same as it used to look like back in the days, today, on your Singapore day tours that the building has been remodelled. At the time of the post office, it was THE club for things to do in Singapore.  If you have booked your Singapore tour, don’t forget to take a photo of this building as it looks beautiful when the lights are on during a Singapore night tour!   #design #instagood #photooftheday #singapore #sg #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #wanderlust #buildings #sglife #wanderlust #discoversingapore #discoversg #visitsingapore #singaporeatnight #singaporelights #singaporebuildings #historicalbuilding #thefullertonhotel #thefullerton #nightshot #nightphotography #singaporeatnight #nighttourofsingapore #nighttours #grouptour #privatetour     

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Singapore Trips | Singapore Sling In A Bottle

Singapore Trip | Singapore Sling In A Bottle After you checked off everything on the things to do in Singapore, ending a day with a nice Singapore sling and relaxing might be what you need. Whether you are on a Singapore night tour or any other Singapore tour. This gin-based cocktail was developed before 1915. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to take a cocktail in the Raffles Hotel, there is an easy way to still enjoy this popular long drink. Just walk over to the River Cruise shop and get yourself a bottle of premixed Singapore Sling. Give your Singapore trips the full scope and don’t miss out on the Singapore sling in a bottle!   #singapore #nighttour #partyon #discoversingapore #wanderlust #instagood #sg #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #singaporetour #adventure #welltraveled #party #afterdark #visitsingapore #privatetour #publictour #personaltour #privateguide #personalguide #tourguide #singaporesling #singaporetrips #singaporecocktail

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Singapore Trips | Have You Been On Our Singapore Night Tour Yet? So you have booked your Singapore tour but were wondering what other things to do in Singapore? Have you thought of a Singapore night tour? There are so many beautiful things to see but after dark, our little red gem comes to life and it is time for some delicious Singapore Sling cocktails! Guess what? At the end of our Singapore night tour, we take you to a very special place to try one of the world’s most famous cocktails. Our tour guide Su Ling will take you after your Singapore tour to a well-deserved chill out place to talk about the memories that you will make on Singapore trips!   #singapore #nighttour #partyon #discoversingapore #wanderlust #singaporesling #sg #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #singaporetour #adventure #welltraveled #party #afterdark #visitsingapore #privatetour #publictour #personaltour #privateguide #personalguide #tourguide #cocktails #screeningroom #welldeserved #chillax #memories #nightour

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Singapore Sightseeing Tour | Things To Do In Singapore At Night

When you book a Singapore tour you might have difficulties to decide whether to see Singapore during the day or at night… Well, we totally are with you on that! Our little red dot is super exciting either way! However, should you think about things to do in Singapore, then we would suggest to also consider a Singapore night tour. Once the sun goes to sleep Singapore presents you its beauty at night. Your Singapore tour guide will take you to some secret spots where you will have the most amazing view over Singapore. Maybe it is time to think about night photography…? Singapore day tours might be nice but a Singapore night tour has its very own beauty! #singapore #nighttour #partyon #discoversingapore #wanderlust #singaporeatnight #sg #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellosingaporetours #ilovesg #hellosg #streetsofsingapore #singaporetour #adventure #welltraveled #party #afterdark #visitsingapore #privatetour #publictour #personaltour #privateguide #personalguide #tourguide #beauty #beautiful #moonlight #citylights

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Take a walking tour of Singapore to see the beautiful shop houses.